The Power of the Tour Guide

This free course is hosted on the platform Campfire (you can make a Campfire profile for free here). 


Being a guide (whether you’re a city guide, tour director, docent, trekking guide or anything else) is incredibly important work. This course will outline how to take on the full responsibility of your power as a tour guide and offer real-tour insights from fellow guides.


  • How to Use This Course
  • Hi, I’m Nikki
  • The Guide’s Role in Responsible Travel
  • The Importance of Revealing a More Diverse History on Tours
  • Guide Story: Komal
  • Give Your Guests the Responsibility
  • Guide Story: Lauren
  • Guide Story: Cyra
  • Your Tour Theme and Purpose
  • Guide Story: Al
  • Traveler Story: Emily
  • Empathy & Gentle Education
  • Guide Story: Mike
  • Guide Story: Shrishti
  • Tell Stories with Integrity
  • What’s Next?